The intricate detailing that goes into making glass bongs is quite the interesting process. A glass blowing goes as far back as time can go, and to this day, the trade continues to grow steadily. Nowadays you can find so many glass bongs that it’s easy to be over-whelmed with which is best and what design to go to.
Glass blowing involves blowing through a tube into a ball of glass that is being melted down by extreme heat. While the blower blows through the tube, they move the glass around to create very unique designs – from simple long cylinders to complex and beautiful designs. The entire process itself delves into way more steps, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll keep it at that.
ROOR glass bongs is a German-own bong store that provides the utmost highest quality of glass bongs out in the market today. They have been in the glassblowing business since 1996, specifically Martin Brizle who has been glass blowing since 1990, that has been in the glassblowing artistry for years. As such, he truly believes in providing one-of-a-kind bongs that surely, stand out for their uniqueness, rather than mass producing, what he calls his glass bongs to be, art. He takes great pride in his talent and trade that proves through the vast variety of glass bongs they offer.
ROOR glass bongs provide genuine stock and not replicas nor counterfeits. All their products are truly original ROOR glass bongs and are authorised dealers and have resellers in Australia, and they happily ship to other countries. German-own ROOR glass bongs are authentic in their process and glassblowers and they provide a unique trademark that only a true ROOR product will have. To show you they mean business when it comes to proving their authenticity of a ROOR glass bong, each ROOR glass bong comes with its very own ROOR authenticity security code that comes on a tag that comes with your glass bong. You can visit their site and head to the ROOR Authenticator tab and enter in the code to verify that it is a ROOR product.
If you haven’t started your collection of ROOR glass bongs, there is no better day to start! Or gift one to someone who will appreciate the fine art that is the ROOR glass bongs.
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